Winter Daze!

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a good winter, so far.I just wanted to stop by for a bit and give a shout out to my new friends, both here on the blog and on my social media sites.  I’ve been super busy, between work, school, being a new grandma, and writing deadlines.

Last week, I did take a break and go to the fantastic Coastal Magic Conference in Daytona Beach, Florida.  The weather was beyond perfect, the people were awesome.  The speakers were engaging and so much fun!  (love Cinema Craptastique!)  All was fabulous…

Except I had one of the worst colds of my life.  Yes, it started with a little throat tickle when I pulled out of my driveway and two hours later, I was coughing, sneezing and desperately trying not to infect everyone around me.  (so sorry to anyone that caught it!)

But, I still had a great time.  Much gratitude to my besties, Kristal Hollis and Brenda Wolfe, and my daughter Caitlin for hanging out with me.  I wouldn’t have made it without you all!

Big news!

I have added to my aviary family.  (Actually, I’m not allowed to bring anything else home from the pet store–insert sad face) IN addition to 3 cockatiels, Percy, Margo and Little Bird, 2 love birds, Merry and Pippin, I new am a proud new owner to a Green Cheeked Conure, known as Baby (because nobody puts ‘Baby’ in a corner, lol)  Only 6 months old, he does favor my daughter more than me.  Well, she’s handled him more, but I’ll catch up.  I’ll have her post a pic as soon as we have one available.

Caitlin is also a bird momma to 4 Parakeets and 3 Finches, lol.  They’re such wonderful housemates.  Other than throwing seed, they’re perfect!

I will admit the hounds, Chihuahuas and old pups are perplexed, but they’ve been very cooperative so far.  They sniff and occasionally bark, but no outward rejection of the feathered ones so far.

With everything that’s going on, I do have a new release coming soon.  Asked to be part of the Hotel Paramormal universe, I have a short novella coming out soon.  A Hard Man is Good to find.  Check out the awesome new cover…ahmigtf-3d

Okay. I’m headed out.  I’ve at the bookstore writing and I need to get home and take care of the family members I infected, (poor things!)

Remember to take care of yourselves everybody!

Happy Reading!


Well, hello Monday!

Hi everyone!

Good Monday morning to you all.  I hope this little update finds you healthy and doing well.  Things around here are getting better.  My health is good, and we’re holding our breath that our little Chihuahua, Mo gets out over her predicament with no problems.  Waiting to hear back from the vet today.

So, I don’t know if you’ve seen my many  Facebook posts, but I’ve had a new contemporary Romance come out a bit ago and it’s doing so well that I’m pretty pleased with it.  If you like stories of medical professionals navigating the ups and downs of life and love, you might want to check out The Cardiologist’s Open Heart.PamCardiologistCovermoreshadow



And if you like Regency  Paranormal Romance I have the following books set to be ready to release in the next few weeks!

First, my 2005 book Spirited Away about a troubled ghost who’s seeking revenge against the man who’d framed him and the beautiful young woman who is his only connection to the living.  A shut in, Arianna Halverson is content helping her ghostly clients pass into eternity, but this pesky ghost refuses to accept his fate.  Worse than that, after her brother is brutally injured in a duel gone wrong, she is forced to marry the same horrible man that the ghost insists is responsible for his being hung for treason…

A 2006 Double RITA finalist, Spirited Away also garnered a 4 Star review from RT Magazine!  Check it out!


Also, I now have a New Title and New Cover for my 2006 Release–If You Could Read My Mind!

Reading Emily is another Regency Paranormal Romance about a troubled British Army surgeon who his pressed into service to protect one of Wellington’s code breakers and his beautiful and headstrong niece.  As it happens, the surgeon has the amazing ability to read the minds of those around him and though he denies it, he finds Emily the most intriguing and beguiling woman he’s ever met.  It isn’t long before the two of them form a fast friendship and soon are fighting those set out to destroy them as well as the men from the surgeon’s past bent on controlling him.  You don’t want to miss:  Reading Emily…



And finally,  I will be soon re-releasing the second book in my Regency Paranormal Souls Redeemed Series: My Fair Demon.  This story involves the Demon torturer from The Devil to Pay who failed to help the fallen angel procure an innocent young woman’s soul and now is pressed into service yet again to train the devil’s next temptress.  After herself being condemned to eternal damnation for killing her abusive husband, the thirteenth century woman is pressed into a world she knows nothing about and being groomed to do the devil’s work by the most handsome and kind being she’s ever met.  As the two continue to pursue the devil’s target, they can’t help falling in love.  But how does one refuse such evil? And, is their love strong enough to survive the devil’s wrath?


So,  I’m heading back to the word factory now.  Thanks for stopping by!

As always–Happy Reading!



New Release!

Hi everyone!

I’m so pleased to announce that my very first contemporary romance novel, The Cardiologist’s Open Heart is now available on Amazon. Check it out if you get the chance!


After his Cardiologist father’s death, heart specialist Dr. Mike Delaney must deal with the his grieving dysfunctional family, the demands of his job, suspicion of involvement in his father’s demise, and the beautiful but determined temporarily contracted physician Dr. Shannon Kinsey. After spending a lifetime in the shadow of his overachieving and world renown father, he must somehow pick up the pieces of his life and decide what to do next. One thing is for sure, he can’t possibly fall for the beautiful woman who has entered his life.

Dr. Shannon Kinsey, recently divorced from a very successful neurosurgeon has fled her home in Chicago to go to a small but growing Florida city. With all of her money tied up in her divorce and having signed away her life, she desperately needs this job. Upon arrival she learns that though the practice contracted her, the surviving partner has plans to close the business. Under threat of legal action, she convinces Mike Delany to keep the practice going. Unfortunately, the longer she’s there, the more she realizes that this man has much more to deal with than just grieving his father. Something inside him has broken . Though Shannon knows it could prove hazardous to her own chances for happiness, she means to find out what it was that has damaged him so badly and maybe help him to open his heart once and for all.


Lots of New Stuff!

Hi everyone!

I hope your summer is starting off fantastic. Here at Chez Labud, all is well. So far, it’s been quite a couple of months for me. First, my book, A Most Delicate Pursuit is out and available at all the ebook outlets.

Then, I have 3 new covers to reveal for my Regency Paranormal books–the Souls Redeemed series.

Other than that, I’m busy, busy, busy writing lots more fun stuff. I have a total of 4 novellas coming out this year and next, as well as three full novels I’m working on.

The biggest news I have is I now have a brand new website:
Check it out!

That’s it for now. Cover reveal coming soon!
Until next time…
Happy Reading!

To Catch A Lady is out today!!!

To Catch a Lady_LaBud

When one is in the hunt, one must always aim for the heart

Hi all!

Yes, it’s true! My book with Lovewept is out today! To Catch A Lady is an historical Regency romance about an English Duke who throws a lottery to find his bride and ends up caught in compromising circumstances with a willful young woman who’s intent was to match her sister with the duke! The Duke proposes marriage, which she much accept to avoid public humiliation and the two are instantly set against each other and a battle of wits and wiles ensue!

If you get a chance, check it out!

Happy Reading!

Another Weekend Writing Warriors Blog Hop! (RO)


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Hi again!

Yep.  It’s that time for anther 8 sentence Sunday for the Weekend Writing Warriors Blog Hop!

You can check out more cool reads at: or go to #8SSunday.

This week, I’m going to post a bit more from my soon to be released Regency Romance, To Rescue An Earl.

The Set up:

Forced to marry London’s infamous Mad Earl, Miranda Ellerton must do all she can to save her critically ill husband from the dangerous treatment of his cousin and physician.  After one failed attempt to rescue him, she attempts once more to get him to safety…

The Excerpt:

Quiet as a sigh, Amanda moved about the room. She’d carried heavy doubts about their stopping for the night, but her husband grew weaker with every passing hour. By sunset of their second day on the road, she knew he would not make London alive. So, taking what few valuables she had, she’d bartered a room at a small inn. Rundown and flea-bitten, at least the sheets were passably clean. Miranda knew she wouldn’t be able to afford many nights like this, but perhaps he might recover enough during the next hours to make the other half of their journey.

“Easy, my love,” she crooned softly as she tucked her husband into the bed.

Her answer was but a single moan before he fell eerily silent…

Excerpt end.

Catch ya’ll next time!

Happy Reading!


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop rides again!




Yes, it’s that time again.  After you check out my excerpt, please head over to and read all the other awesome writers featured there!

The theme of this week’s hop is ‘My Sexy Delight.’  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  As a romance reader, and author, I crave that moment when the hero and heroine of the story find their moment in time.  When they join for the first time and their passion becomes overwhelming.  I’m not talking about sex, although writing that is a lot of fun, lol.

I mean, the true delight.  When they join spirit and body and mind and become something more… This week I’m taking another excerpt from my soon to be released “To Rescue An Earl.”

The setup:

Forced into an arranged marriage to London’s infamous Mad Earl, Miranda Ellerton can’t help but fall for the dark, mysterious Michael Kelton, the fifth earl of Winningham. Heavily drugged and frequently bled by his cousin in an attempt to control his seizures and ‘madness’ Michael is very ill and getting worse.  Fearing for her new husband’s health, she manages to help him escape his cousin’s grasp and the two spend a  night in a small abandoned cottage.  Finally alone, the two embark on their true wedding night, one of discovery and bliss…

The Excerpt:

“What are you laughing at?” She asked.

“At me, of course,” he answered, sobering. “I am such a pathetic fool and you are so serious, so serene. Here I am feeling sorry for myself, with a barely clad, beautiful woman ready to give herself to me and all I can do is try to throw her off with both … hands.” He finished, noticing just where his hands rested, one on each side of her waist.

She waited a moment, as he sat unmoving, staring at her near nakedness.

“Well, are you?” She asked, her voice softer now, full and sensual.

“Am I what?”  He muttered.

“Are you going to throw me away with both hands or are you going to make love to me?” She asked.

He glanced at her and a slow, lazy smile spread across his face. In the next instant he lifted her, moving his own hips slightly forward, gently guiding her downward, until the tip of him touched her opening. He had not rested her there yet, but instead waited, just at the moment of decision. In a breathless voice, he told her just what he was going to do…

End of excerpt

Thanks lots for stopping by!

As always, Happy Reading!


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

I’ m baack!

Yes, my month of madness is finally over.  I’m home and about to get busy with some writing stuff.  I have a lot on my plate the next few months, and I really need to write my little fingers to the bone!

Also, I’ll be trying to do weekly the weekly blog hops for My Sexy Saturday and Weekend Writing Warriors. I loved doing them both and getting to share with as well as read new to me authors.

So, want a quick recap of my month so far?

Romantic Times Frenzy:

It all started with my husband and I flying to Dallas the week of the Romantic Times Convention.  We arrived on Sunday, and met in person for the first time, an online writing friend of mine, Angela Drake.  A finer person you’ll never meet!  She made our stay so much fun. I hope to travel her way again one day.  Then, Mr. Bill and I  spent Monday checking out downtown Dallas.  One of my life’s dreams was to go the JFK museum and visit the infamous Grassy Knoll.  It was smaller than I’d thought, but still breathtaking. For the afternoon, Mr. Bill and I immersed ourselves in the history of the event that we both experienced in childhood. I was five when President Kennedy was assassinated.  Incredible that i still can remember it like it was yesterday.

Then, after that, I registered for the convention on Tuesday, but didn’t get to do much because I would only get to go to the festivities on Wednesday because Mr. Bill and I had to fly to Arizona early Thursday to get to my daughter’s graduation on Friday.  I did get to attend a couple of workshops and met with my Loveswept editor, and some fellow LS authors.  We had a lovely dinner and chat.  I was in the company of an awesome group of authors.  I can’t wait to catch up with them again!

Graduation Frenzy:

On Thursday, we hit the skies again and soon landed in Phoenix.  A great town, for sure.  Got our rental car and went to my daughter’s roommate’s house.  She graciously let us stay there (yay! no expensive hotel!) and her Mom and Step dad joined us for a post graduation cook out.  Well, her mom Debra, really did all the cooking, lol.

Caitlin’s graduation was Friday at noon.  Bill and I walked around downtown Mesa and ate at an awesome little Mexican restaurant, and then visited an oldies but goodies, record store, Asylum Records.  Great place, lots of rock-in-roll history there!

I’m so proud of my girl.  She left the nest at barely 18, and got her Bachelor’s in Game Design in only 3 years.  It was a beautiful ceremony.

We then left for home on Monday, we had a red-eye flight.  So, it meant trying to sleep all day and then pack up and head for the airport at eight p.m.  As it was, Arizona was nice to us, with temps in the 70’s all weekend, until Monday and then it became a true desert climate, lol.  (Also, managed to squeeze in a few  hours in Sedona–my fave place in AZ).

God Bless USAir, because even though their computer totally threw out Caitlin’s ticket, (we almost couldn’t get her on the plane!)  They made it right and she got to come home with us.  A long flight that had one stop and home by eleven the next morning.

Wedding Frenzy:

The rest of the week we spent getting ready for the wedding!  And, it meant doing things like shopping, getting Caitlin out the door to join her sisters and friends for the bachelorette party, which involved the girls staying a night at a resort hotel in Downtown Disney, a forbidden balcony and some glow sticks.  Um, the details were sketchy, lol.
Soon it was Saturday and the girls and I started the day early with hair and make up, last minute runs to the store, and meeting at the country club for the ceremony.  It went off without a hitch.  No rain, but it was in the 90’s and the usual so humid you could swim to your car steamy day.  (Learned a valuable lesson.  Hairspray? Not a good choice for hot, humid outdoor activities.  Just sayin’)

Then, after the ceremony, we went to the in-laws for a fabulous reception where we had BBQ, plenty of spirits and a fantastic DJ.  Much dancing ensued.  Then we saw the kids go off on their honeymoon.

I only cried about a dozen times, which for me is hardly at all, LOL!

So, I’ve spent the last few days unpacking, cleaning and laundry.  Finally I’m at the keyboard again.

Sorry for the long post, but there you have it, lol.  I promise much shorter ones from now on.  Oh, and check back on Saturday and Sunday for the blog hops.  Always lots of fun!

Happy Reading!


Weekend Writing Warrior Blog Hop (RO)

Hi again!

I hope you’re having a great weekend!  I’m happy to put up another 8 sentences in this weeks Weekend Writing Warrior Blog Hop, #8sunday, or  Head over and check out lots more exciting 8 sentence excerpts when you get the chance!

My snippet this week is from my current work in progress, My Fair Demon, a soon to be re-released book of mine that is the second book in my Fallen Angels series, (The first book, The Devil To Pay).

The Set-Up~

Failed at his first attempt to mentor a fallen angel to seduce a young woman to sell her soul to the devil, demon torturer Blalock is sent topside to mentor, yet another condemned soul, beautiful Corrine LaFarge, to seduce a yet another innocent to his doom.  Their first meeting is a rather dramatic one.

The Excerpt~

Suddenly a whooshing sound and giant burst of air came at her, knocking her back and if she hadn’t been clutching her seat, she surely would have been blown right off of it. Daring to open her eyes she wildly looked around to see if she could find the cause of the maelstrom. That’s when she saw it. Or, rather him.

The huge body of a man fell straight from the sky and into the meadow. He landed with a loud crash and dust and grass flew in all directions.
Holding her breath, Corrine waited for something else to happen. Surely the ruckus would have people running in from all directions.

Curiously enough, no one did…



That’s all you get today, my lovely!  I’ll be announcing when the book is available!


Happy Reading!