Hi again!

I hope you’re having a great weekend!  I’m happy to put up another 8 sentences in this weeks Weekend Writing Warrior Blog Hop, #8sunday, or http://www.wewriwa.com.  Head over and check out lots more exciting 8 sentence excerpts when you get the chance!

My snippet this week is from my current work in progress, My Fair Demon, a soon to be re-released book of mine that is the second book in my Fallen Angels series, (The first book, The Devil To Pay).

The Set-Up~

Failed at his first attempt to mentor a fallen angel to seduce a young woman to sell her soul to the devil, demon torturer Blalock is sent topside to mentor, yet another condemned soul, beautiful Corrine LaFarge, to seduce a yet another innocent to his doom.  Their first meeting is a rather dramatic one.

The Excerpt~

Suddenly a whooshing sound and giant burst of air came at her, knocking her back and if she hadn’t been clutching her seat, she surely would have been blown right off of it. Daring to open her eyes she wildly looked around to see if she could find the cause of the maelstrom. That’s when she saw it. Or, rather him.

The huge body of a man fell straight from the sky and into the meadow. He landed with a loud crash and dust and grass flew in all directions.
Holding her breath, Corrine waited for something else to happen. Surely the ruckus would have people running in from all directions.

Curiously enough, no one did…



That’s all you get today, my lovely!  I’ll be announcing when the book is available!


Happy Reading!