Hi everyone!

Good Monday morning to you all.  I hope this little update finds you healthy and doing well.  Things around here are getting better.  My health is good, and we’re holding our breath that our little Chihuahua, Mo gets out over her predicament with no problems.  Waiting to hear back from the vet today.

So, I don’t know if you’ve seen my many  Facebook posts, but I’ve had a new contemporary Romance come out a bit ago and it’s doing so well that I’m pretty pleased with it.  If you like stories of medical professionals navigating the ups and downs of life and love, you might want to check out The Cardiologist’s Open Heart.PamCardiologistCovermoreshadow



And if you like Regency  Paranormal Romance I have the following books set to be ready to release in the next few weeks!

First, my 2005 book Spirited Away about a troubled ghost who’s seeking revenge against the man who’d framed him and the beautiful young woman who is his only connection to the living.  A shut in, Arianna Halverson is content helping her ghostly clients pass into eternity, but this pesky ghost refuses to accept his fate.  Worse than that, after her brother is brutally injured in a duel gone wrong, she is forced to marry the same horrible man that the ghost insists is responsible for his being hung for treason…

A 2006 Double RITA finalist, Spirited Away also garnered a 4 Star review from RT Magazine!  Check it out!


Also, I now have a New Title and New Cover for my 2006 Release–If You Could Read My Mind!

Reading Emily is another Regency Paranormal Romance about a troubled British Army surgeon who his pressed into service to protect one of Wellington’s code breakers and his beautiful and headstrong niece.  As it happens, the surgeon has the amazing ability to read the minds of those around him and though he denies it, he finds Emily the most intriguing and beguiling woman he’s ever met.  It isn’t long before the two of them form a fast friendship and soon are fighting those set out to destroy them as well as the men from the surgeon’s past bent on controlling him.  You don’t want to miss:  Reading Emily…



And finally,  I will be soon re-releasing the second book in my Regency Paranormal Souls Redeemed Series: My Fair Demon.  This story involves the Demon torturer from The Devil to Pay who failed to help the fallen angel procure an innocent young woman’s soul and now is pressed into service yet again to train the devil’s next temptress.  After herself being condemned to eternal damnation for killing her abusive husband, the thirteenth century woman is pressed into a world she knows nothing about and being groomed to do the devil’s work by the most handsome and kind being she’s ever met.  As the two continue to pursue the devil’s target, they can’t help falling in love.  But how does one refuse such evil? And, is their love strong enough to survive the devil’s wrath?


So,  I’m heading back to the word factory now.  Thanks for stopping by!

As always–Happy Reading!