Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a good winter, so far.I just wanted to stop by for a bit and give a shout out to my new friends, both here on the blog and on my social media sites.  I’ve been super busy, between work, school, being a new grandma, and writing deadlines.

Last week, I did take a break and go to the fantastic Coastal Magic Conference in Daytona Beach, Florida.  The weather was beyond perfect, the people were awesome.  The speakers were engaging and so much fun!  (love Cinema Craptastique!)  All was fabulous…

Except I had one of the worst colds of my life.  Yes, it started with a little throat tickle when I pulled out of my driveway and two hours later, I was coughing, sneezing and desperately trying not to infect everyone around me.  (so sorry to anyone that caught it!)

But, I still had a great time.  Much gratitude to my besties, Kristal Hollis and Brenda Wolfe, and my daughter Caitlin for hanging out with me.  I wouldn’t have made it without you all!

Big news!

I have added to my aviary family.  (Actually, I’m not allowed to bring anything else home from the pet store–insert sad face) IN addition to 3 cockatiels, Percy, Margo and Little Bird, 2 love birds, Merry and Pippin, I new am a proud new owner to a Green Cheeked Conure, known as Baby (because nobody puts ‘Baby’ in a corner, lol)  Only 6 months old, he does favor my daughter more than me.  Well, she’s handled him more, but I’ll catch up.  I’ll have her post a pic as soon as we have one available.

Caitlin is also a bird momma to 4 Parakeets and 3 Finches, lol.  They’re such wonderful housemates.  Other than throwing seed, they’re perfect!

I will admit the hounds, Chihuahuas and old pups are perplexed, but they’ve been very cooperative so far.  They sniff and occasionally bark, but no outward rejection of the feathered ones so far.

With everything that’s going on, I do have a new release coming soon.  Asked to be part of the Hotel Paramormal universe, I have a short novella coming out soon.  A Hard Man is Good to find.  Check out the awesome new cover…ahmigtf-3d

Okay. I’m headed out.  I’ve at the bookstore writing and I need to get home and take care of the family members I infected, (poor things!)

Remember to take care of yourselves everybody!

Happy Reading!