Once again, I’ve signed up to do the Paranormal Love Wednesdays Blog Hop. This week, I’m posting an excerpt from my book Grave Danger. When you’re done reading here, head over to the Paranormal Love Wednesdays and check out other cool excerpts there! http://www.paranormallovewednesdays.blogspot.com

Today I’m taking a break from my historical Regency or Time Travel paranormal romance stories and switching gears to my futurist fantasy romance.  Check it out!

Grave Danger: A post-apocalyptic zombie killing love story! When Maverick Dunne, a mutant re-animator who specializes in bringing the dead back to live, is forced to help her ex-boyfriend, a spy who needs her help to bring mutated created zombies back to life so he can learn the secret to their existence and then put them down. In the beginning, she didn’t want to come out of hiding, touch more dead things, or fall for her ex, but when one is born during a nuclear winter grave danger awaits at every turn…


Truth was, I didn’t want to scare her. At least not as bad as I was scared. Only Daniel, Jaz, and her boyfriend Russell Hines know my secret–the humongous truth that had kept me working a minimum wage crap job and living in the low rent side of town. The reason why every time a knock comes at my door I face the possibility of a firing squad. Or worse.

I’m a ‘Blue Star Baby,’ one of the unfortunate few who were born during the single clear night about a year after the nukes fell. It was the only time the radioactive sludge we called an atmosphere opened up and let true starlight shine through. At least, that’s how the legend goes.

The other story was that BSB’s are all some sort of cosmic mutants. We have different ‘gifts,’ you know. Like some of us can walk through walls or others of us can read minds. Me, I bring back the dead. And the dead aren’t pink and pretty when they come back, you know. They are really nasty, pissed off, and hungry. Know what’s top on their menu? If you guessed anything that breathes, you won the prize.

Let’s just say I do the best I can to stay away from anyone or any thing that once lived and anyplace that houses the dead. Graveyards, crematoriums, high school biology classes, those sort of places.




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