Happy Saturday Everyone!

Yes, it’s true.  One of the great things about a true romance novel, is the joy of two people discovering each other.  When finally they’ve overcome the ‘newness’ of their relationships and they soon learn that once is not enough!  This couple can’t get enough of each other.

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So, this week’s snippet is from my book, The Devil To Pay.

A Historical Regency paranormal romance, this is the story of Ayden Royce, a fallen angel who has been given one chance to get out of Hell, and that’s to seduce the beautiful Olivia Stone and convince her to sell her soul to his master.  A Jane Austen meets The Devil and Daniel Webster tale where Ayden must learn that sometimes you must sacrifice all for love and Olivia must discover that sometimes it’s not enough to sacrifice for love, you must fight for it, too!


Ayden had been hit by lighting once. When he’d been fighting on the plains of ancient Greece. It had been in the midst of a thunderous storm and the high one had thrown down all of his might in form of fiery rain and caustic winds. Undaunted, the angel had fought on, until another angel, one of the high anointed ones with broad wings and four faces, lifted the arc of his bow and shot Ayden in the chest.  Because of his armor, plates forged in the fiery bowels of earth, Ayden’s existence had been spared. But the biting shock of the smallest sliver of the bolt had touched his skin and sent him into a thousand hells all at once.

The feeling had hurt him, far worse than his lashes in hell, but it had also left a profound mark on his soul. The lighting had been made of holy fire and it was like nothing that Ayden had ever felt before.  Until that moment.

Suddenly, he spun round, at the same time lifting her and then settling her on the bed beneath him. He delighted when she wrapped her legs around him, opening herself further and groaning with delighted pleasure when he sheathed himself fully inside of her.

Heaven and Hell. Olivia Stone-Proffitt was both. Her touch was fire on his skin and at the same time a soothing oil on his soul.

“Faster!” She cried beneath him. He was shocked that she could even articulate at so frantic a moment. But, he didn’t ponder it for long. With the next thrust into her Ayden gave up all thought and poured his whole self into his work.

As he increased the pace of their lovemaking, the obscure thought occurred to him. What if satisfying his own urges would not be enough to satisfy his desire for the woman? What would he do if Blalock were wrong, and bedding the chit was not enough?

What terrible torture that would be!



Happy Reading!