Today I’ve decided to showcase my soon to be released book My Fair Demon this week.   A Regency paranormal romance about a former demon torturer who as punishment for failing his master, (the devil) he is exiled to live among the humans.  In order to return to Hell, he must instruct a young woman in the arts of seduction so that she can entice more humans to sell their soul to the devil.  The only problem? The demon soon learns what it is to be a man falling in love with a beautiful woman…

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“What are you thinking about?” he whispered to her. Arm in arm, they held each other, lying on his large bed, wrapped in quilts and sharing a glass of wine.

“I’m thinking that learning proper etiquette might be not so bad.”


He laughed and she feltl the rumble of his humor against her cheek. She loved the wide flat plains of his chest and the spattering of dark, curls that bristled against her skin.

“It certainly has been quite enjoyable for me.” He pulled her closer and she delighted at the feel of skin against skin. “In all my experience, I never really understood humans.”

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