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Thank heaven’s it’s the weekend!  So, to add to the mid April spring fling, it’s My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop time again.  After reading my excerpt, from my Regency England to 1245 Scotland paranormal time travel book, Always and Forever, head on over to http://www.mysexysaturday.blogspot.com and check out all the great books showcased there.


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And, for this weekend only, 4/18/15 and 4/19/15, you can download a copy of Always and Forever for free!

Always and Forever is a time travel adventure about an English Regency earl who’s kidnapped by a ghost and taken back in time and is enlisted to rescue the daughter of a Scottish laird from a forced marriage to a cruel landowner.


Robert couldn’t stand it any longer. Despite his better judgment, he’d kissed her. But, his action didn’t stop with kissing. In the next instant, they were entwined together, lying with her beneath him on the bench. With abandon, Robert let his hands roam over her firm bottom, his hands pushing up layers of dress and petticoats until he found the soft, warm skin beneath.

Wanting her consumed him. His every thought, his every breath was for Jenna. In those seconds, he knew only that he wanted her more than anything, and damn everything else in this retched world. He would have her, no matter what.

Of course, the thought did occur to him in those seconds that at the height of their passion he might awaken from this wretched dream. That would indeed be a cruel joke, but then when had his life been otherwise? Surprised at the servant’s sudden intrusion, Jenna pulled away from him, but not before Robert inhaled the scent of her arousal. He bit down on a moan. Their brief encounter only left him wanting more. Robert cursed his weakness. What in blazes was happening to him? He’d been all over her like a drunkard trifling a barmaid.

From the very first moment she’d entered the room, something fierce had awakened within him. She was so damn beautiful. Tall and straight, perfectly proportioned–not like the skinny little milkpots he’d known in his own time. No, Jenna MacReynold was full breasted with a small, tight waist and hips made to straddle a man. When she turned away from him, the vision of her backside nearly undid him.

What was happening to him? Had he suddenly become some type of barbarian? He had never thought such things about a woman in his life! Yet, here he was, lusting after her like a hound near a bitch in heat.

He shouldn’t have given in to his baser nature, but seeing her there, dressed in her fine blue silk, sun kissed hair pulled back with a bright yellow ribbon, she looked like an angel from heaven above.

Robert had seen other men react this way and had thought them no better than animals.  Now, it was he who was a beast. Worse yet, he should have been ashamed of his behavior, but to his surprise he wasn’t. In fact, when he was in the same room as Jenna, it was almost as if he hadn’t ever been a fine, titled gentleman. All he wanted to do was push her onto the divan, pull up her skirts and plunder her like the uncivilized rogue he’d become.


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