Yes!  Just like it says.  Here’s My Sexy Saturdy Snippet.  It’s from my book, The Devil To Pay.  If you get the time, skip on over there and check out other great excerpts!

After being condemned for all eternity, fallen angel, Ayden Royce has one chance to get his freedom–if he can seduce an innocent woman and convince her to sell her soul to the devil and take his place in Hell. Here we have another seductive encounter between the condemned angel and the innocent woman he’s been pursuing…

Desperate, she grabbed at his hips and him downward, until she felt his hard shaft tease her belly with every thrust. Releasing her breasts, he next grabbed her wrists and pushed her arms up over her head and pinned them to the mattress with his left hand. His right hand he used to balance himself on the bed over her.

Olivia thought she would die from wanting him inside of her.  “Please, please, please…” she repeated over and over, a mantra of her unrelenting desire.

But he did not cease his sweet torture. Instead, he closed his mouth over her right nipple and began to suckle, long and sweet. Olivia’s breath caught in her throat. She was paralyzed with sensation.

When she thought she could endure no more, he ran his tongue between the cleft of her chest, down her belly and just above tangle of curls between her legs. Moving his right hand farther down cupped her mound tightly. Before she could react he began to insert his fingers, sliding them in and out, slow and deep in a primal, steady rhythm.

When Olivia moaned, he moved his mouth back up to her left breast and began to suckle her there, taking small bits of her flesh between his teeth and ever so gently sucking inward.

Olivia wept at the sensation, hot tears sliding down her face and dampening the pillow beneath her.  He paused a moment then and she heard him take a deep breath and whisper.  “Let go…”

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