Hello gentle friends!

Yes, folks!  That’s right.  I’m now doing a weekly snippet with Paranormal Loves Wednesdays.

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My book is The Devil to Pay and here’s the set-up:

After being condemned for all eternity, fallen angel, Ayden Royce has one chance to get his freedom–if he can seduce an innocent woman and convince her to sell her soul to the devil and take his place in Hell.  This is the first time they meet.  Appearing at her window, the handsome angel has come to her, naked and wanting…

My Story:

The stranger’s presence shook Olivia to her very core. Her treacherous body began trembling and she moaned when a flood of delicious desire shot through her coupled with shock when she realized that this man was truly flesh and blood real. Suddenly, the world was fading around her and she saw something scandalous hovering in the depth of his fiery gaze.  He had come for her.

Before she knew what was happening, he had climbed through the window, his long legs landing square on her bedroom floor. Then he was walking toward her, every step a long stride as he marched toward her. She could swear she felt the vibration of his approach in the souls of her feet as he advanced.  “Who are you?”

He didn’t answer, but moved closer still, until his body was so near, Olivia could feel the steam rise from his skin. The urge to touch him overwhelmed her and for a moment she raised her hand and let it linger just inches from his chest.  “I want you,” he said simply.

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