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Sticking with the theme of this really cool Paranormal Wednesday blog hop, I’m posting one more snippet from my book: Always and Forever.
It’s what happens when an English Regency earl is kidnapped by a ghost and taken back in time and is enlisted to rescue the daughter of a Scottish laird from a forced marriage to a cruel landowner.

Here’s my story:

Stepping back out into the morning brightness, Jenna was sure the old devil had tricked her. Just as she was about to duck back in the cave, a low moaning caught her attention. Turning full around, she caught a glimpse of something moving nearby. Before her eyes, a drift of snow began to shake, and slowly, something beneath the thin layer of white powder stirred.
The figure of a man wrapped in nothing but a thin white linen shirt rolled sideways. Light brown hair and a ruggedly handsome clean-shaven face turned upward.

Cautiously, Jenna inched forward, and lifting her foot, she gently prodded the stranger. He moaned low in response and then fell quickly back to silence.

The ghost had fulfilled her wish after all.

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