Hey all!

Are you doing it?  Have you signed up for National Novel Writer’s Month challenge?  You totally should. If your an author, or even have thought about writing a book, this is the year to do it. 

The website address: http://www.nanowrimo.com

This year I handed the reigns over to my alter ego, Leigh Curtis.  She’s writing a book, tentatively titled: I’ll Remember You.  Think amnesiac cowboy/conman who falls in love with the feisty rancher’s daughter he’s supposed to con.  Lots of fun, angst, and cowboy/cowgirl goodness, I promise.

Other than that, I’ve been working on the last of my revisions for To Catch A Lady, the first book in my Regency set historical series, The Hunt Club.  I’ve got five Regency gentlemen who think they can outsmart the marriage mart and choose their own brides, pursuing and catching their lady-loves by using their hunting skills to do so!

Also, I’m finally resurrecting my Alternate Universe series, starting with Cry Wolf.  It’s a series about a race of beings descended from wolves and scraping out their existence under the heel of the English Regency aristocracy. 

Finally, my alter ego, Leigh is working on her first Menage story, a spicy western/sci-fi story about two beings hiding out on earth in the 1880s wild west.  The heroine is running from the law and a forced marriage when she meets two of the handsomest cowboys in west.  Desperate for a wife to complete their family, the two are also hiding out, from the most powerful man of their world who wants to claim on man for their own and destroy the other.  Lots of love, intrigue, and hot cowboy awesome-ness!

Time for me to hit the ‘nano’ trail.  Plus, I’m meeting up with my critique partner.  We’re going through final edits on the first book of my Urban Fantasy series, Grave Danger.  I’ll post an early draft of my cover created by my cover artist CLL, and my lovely cover model, HC. 

Happy Reading!