Hey everyone!

I just wanted to stop in and thank the folks at Necronomicon for the fantastic weekend I had with them. It was an awesome Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Convention this past weekend (10/25/12 through 10/18/12).

Many thanks to the awesome Linnea Sinclair for putting out the call for romance authors, and including Nancy Cohen and Lucienne Diver, as well as the other fabulous authors who came out. It was fun, informative and supremely cool to be a guest.

Also, I got to spend time with the wonderful and talented M.A. Ellis, an awesome Ellora’s Cave author and fellow RWA chapter mate, M.L. Joy. It was great hanging out with you!

Kudos to the Stonehill group who are responsible for putting on the convention. Also, I think it’s awesome that they kept a booth and ran a drawing for Kids and Canines. They are a fantastic group of people donating time and money to: “work with at-risk teens, teaching them how to train assistance dogs… providing independence to individuals with disabilities.” (From their website: kidsandcanines.org).

Okay, back to work. I’ve got lots of writing stuff to do. Catch ya later!


It was also my first convention without my kids and I have to say it was a little lonely at times.