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Hello gentle readers!

It’s Sunday morning, and that means another snippet for Weekend Writing Warriors Blog Hop.  You can check out more great samples at:  http://www.wewriwa.com

Here’s my snippet from my book: The Devil To Pay, Book 1 of my Souls Redeemed series:

“Hell’s teeth, that hurts!” Ayden Royce cursed.

The once proud warrior angel hung suspended by thick iron chains in the very same spot for eons while the fires of damnation tormented his soul and seared his flesh. He had been there since the very day that Satan had been defeated and the devil had been cast into the deepest pits of Hell, his punishment to forever be devoured by the relentless flames of his master’s defeat.

Ayden had once attempted to measure his eternal damnation by the strikes of the fiery lash that bit into his skin. Somewhere in the billions, he’d lost count and had to start again. After which, he’d lost count again, and again, and, well…

He supposed that if he had bothered to keep track of just how many times he’d lost count by now, it would have numbered in the billions as well.

Ayden twisted in his chains as another tongue of fire licked at his chest and curled around his waist.

Another thing the angel had come to realize over the centuries was that no matter how much pain he endured, part of the punishment of Hell was that you never really got used to it. Each strike of fire against skin was as agonizing as every other; each rendering of the muscle from the bone was the same excruciating torment as the very first assault. Nothing ever changed and the immense sameness of it all never ceased to amaze him.