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Hello again!

I’m so loving these blogs, and Paranormal Loves Wednesdays, http://www.paranormallovewednesdays.blogspot.com is lots of fun!

This week, I’m going to take break from my backlist re-released books to post one that’s going to one that I’m hoping to get back out there soon.

My Fair Demon, book 2 of the Souls Redeemed series, is the story of the torturer Blalock, who, after failing his master when his charge, the fallen Angel Ayden and his bride outsmarted the devil, is not thrown into similar circumstances.  He is ordered to teach another charge, lost soul Corrine LaFarge, how to seduce an innocent man and convince him to sell his soul to the Devil.

Here’s my snippet!

Blalock swallowed. Since he’d long been a favorite of the king of Hell, he had hoped that it had earned him a small measure of consideration. But, the truth was, the devil was anything but considerate. He’d be lucky if he came out of this with his hide intact. “Yes, master.” Blalock bowed low. “How may I serve you?”

“Since you failed so miserably before, I’ve decided to give you a second chance—a chance to earn back an infinitesimal amount of my favor, if you will. Granted, it’s far more than you deserve.”

“As usual, you are correct, master.” Blalock drew in a breath, bowing his head even lower. The stench from the floor of the pit was nauseating, but it was far better than the fetid aroma that emanated from the devil.

“So, here is what I intend for you. Go above ground again. I have provided you a human female to tutor. My plan is for her to entice a certain soul whose imminent change to holiness sticks in my gullet. If she is able to convince him to sell his soul for her, then it will prove that I can still affect the lives of those puny humans. Set her up as a courtesan, so that I may use her as bait to lure more innocents into my lair.”


Here’s the snippet