Today I’m participating in the Weekend Writing Warriors Blog Hop (RO).  If you get the chance, hop on over to: http://www.wewriwa.com and check out all the great blogs!

Here’s my 8 sentence snippet:

Madam Lily’s Pleasure Ranch, Avery Texas

“Come on over, Cowboy. Let’s see if your dick is as big as your ego.” Lily Barnett had written her response on lavender scented paper.

Wade MacReynolds narrowed his eyes at the tall, elegant female script that was scrawled across the page. Feigning anger, he crumpled up the parchment and stuffed it back into his leather vest pocket. Minutes from riding onto her property and showing her just how well endowed he was, Wade reined in his mount. The animal neighed in annoyance but did as he was bid. The wind stirred around them, and a wolf howling in the distance echoed the unrest stirred in Wade’s chest.


Happy Reading!