I just wanted to stop in a moment and wish everyone a Happy March!  Here’s hoping the weather shapes up and we all can enjoy some really nice temps and a little less of the white stuff.

Also, my alter ego, Pamela Labud is releasing her latest title: a fantasy NA story: Grave Danger, Book 1 of the Blue Star Baby Trilogy.  It’s due out tomorrow from Amazon Kindle. 

A post apocalyptic zombie killing love story about Maverick Dunne, who is summoned by her ex-boyfriend to help him track down and kill a hoard of lab created zombies. 

The world is struggling to survive in a nuclear winter, when on the night of her birth, Maverick is one of several babies who were born, imbued with special powers, a result of being born under a ‘Blue Star’ radioactive bombardment. 

Her gift?  She’s a ‘re-animator, who, with a single touch can bring the bed back to life. 

Her ex?  He has a special gift that mutates him into a zombie destroyer.  Trouble is, the two fall in love but because of their peculiar body chemistry,
 the two can never really be together.

Together the two must fight to survive and thrive in a world rife with the undead, pirates, and mad scientists.

Please check it out!

Happy reading!Image