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Yep.  It’s the first day of my vacation.  Or, rather stay-cation.  Last month I went the annual Romance Writers Of America’s national conference.  It was six days of pure running around like a crazy person, meeting with my many writer friends, and a ton of workshops.

So, getting a chance to stay home and just be a writer for ten days is pure heaven.  Of course with eight dogs at home, there’s no real peace there, LOL.  So, I packed up what I could of my office and hit the road. Right now I’m at a McDonald’s waiting for the mall to open.

And boy do I have a lot of writing/revising/editing to catch up on.

Even better is the fact that I pick up Gamer Girl (my new title for my youngest daughter) at the airport tomorrow.  She’s on semester break for two weeks and she’s all mine.  Uh, except for her summons for jury duty.  Okay, she’s mine and the county court’s.

Biggest news is that Nurse Girl (oldest daughter who used to be nursing student girl) is now graduated, and fully licensed as an RN.  We’re so proud of her.  Four long years of school, a junky car and gall bladder surgery at the end of school is now in the past and she has a bright new future ahead.

Add to that husband (who is a nurse) has been working a lot of overtime, I’ll finally get some time to be with him on his days off.

So, family is settled and now on to writing.  My alter ego Leigh Curtis has been busy writing like a fiend on two western sagas–I’ll Remember You is the next book in her Whispering Pines series )second book after Cole’s Redemption).  And, Miss Marie from Ride A Cowboy is finally getting her due in The Lady and The Gambler, first book in the Ride A Cowboy series.  And, finally, Leigh’s  also working on a saucy little menage western called Theirs To Protect.

If that weren’t enough, I’m alternating Leigh’s work with my regular Regency and Regency Paranormal books.  To Catch A Lady, book one in The Hunt Club series is in revisions, Then there’s A Governess for Annabelle, a sweet Regency ghost story is still in the works.

After those books are completed I’ll be working on my alternate universe series, Cry Wolf, book one of the Werin Chronicles about a race of people descended from wolves.  Finally there’s Grave Danger, my YA post apocalyptic zombie killing love story (also Book one in the Blue Star Baby trilogy) which is in revisions.

I’m so pumped about getting to work.  I’m hoping to have 2 books ready to publish early in September so I better get to work!

Happy Reading!