Whee!  I got an extra, unexpected day off today!  So, younger daughter and I are at the mall for new do’s and a movie later.  We’re between seeing Pirates or The Raven.  (I’d rather see the first one, actually, lol. Not fond of the scary stuff.

I haven’t announced it here, but I changed jobs.  I’m at the same place, but different job and schedule and I’m loving it! No more late nights for me.  Technically it’s more days but shorter hours.  I can do anything for eight hours a day.

I don’t know who thought 12 hour shifts were beneficial, but not me.  I’m a happy little bug. 

Of course, transitions are never easy, but when I get used to the new job, life will be sweet!  On the plus side, after this weekend it’s straight Monday thru Friday.

And, even better, this means I will be able to get more writing done.  I still have energy left at the end of the day now.

Well, off to do some writing stuff before my hair cut!

Happy reading!