Hey everyone!

Like millions of Americans I’m sitting at the mall today, the official beginning of school insanity about to start.

First of all, it’s been a crushing week.  For someone who’s not working at the moment I’ve dione a ridiculous amount of running around the last few days.  It started Thursday with driving 2 hours through horrible traffic to get to a doctor’s appointment.

After weeks of painful therapy, they surgeon’s fellow tells me that I really need to start working harder.  I wanted to slap him.  I did not.  He gave me a note stating that I could go back to work and do light duty.

Then on the long drive home I was informed by my employer that they only used ‘light duty’ for workman’s comp cases.  So, another 4 weeks, no paycheck.

Then, it was to my daughter’s high school orientation for the very last time ever.  Think grueling trek up and down halls and stairs and in and out buildings in the sweltering heat and  you’re there.

Then, off to my daughter’s birthday dinner.  It was fun, but I’m not well, so it was draining.  I slept terribly, then up early for more therapy.  Then, took my younger daughter to lunch, shopping for her birthday present, and then grocery shopping.  Then, I had to cook dinner.  Another terrible night, tossing, not turning, and not sleeping well.

Day three: I’m toast. I went to my dear friend’s hours, where she and I and one other of our group spent the day working on book stuff, chatting about current events, and then went out to lunch.  It was late when I got home.  Two nights, poor sleep, I was exhausted.  Still, I pushed myself to do some writing.  Thanks to my critique partners, my latest book now has conflict.

Day four, that’s today, we are doing the last of the school shopping, (oldest daughter getting her hair done and then picking up youngest daughter for her leg of the journey)

School daze.  It hasn’t even started and I’m already there.

Happy Reading Everyone!