Is such a cool blog title, isn’t it? LOL!

Hello everyone!  I just thought I’d do something totally spontaneous this afternoon.  It’s been a trying couple of weeks, what with recuperating from my broken arm and trying to stay sane while staying at home 24/7.

So, what about the usual suspects? First, my family.  To my surprise, once it was established I could do a lot of stuff one handed and it looked like their workload wasn’t increasing all that much, they were pretty happy with things.  Of course, the first couple of weeks, they were treated to a whinier me, and having to help me dress and so on.  But, now I can pretty much cook and clean for myself, although somewhat slower than usual.

My friends have been very supportive, and i actually was able to spend time with my critique partners/friends yesterday, and it was a delight.  I always have a great time when we’re together.

It is the same for my online friends.  Helping me write, edit, and keep up with my plans to continue my writing work, they have been invaluable.  Cheers to them as well!

I haven’t heard much from my co-workers, but I know they are super busy, especially so with my absence.  Sorry about that, guys.

Things I’m getting tired of?  Yucky t.v., anything Casey Anthony, and being stuck at home 90% of the time.

Things I have to look forward to?

Uh, duh.  Physical therapy 3 times next week.  (While it was painful, my therapist was very gentle with me.)

Maybe going to see Harry Potter with my youngest this week.  Also, going to buy new paint for the same daughter to start redecorating the house.  It is long overdue, too.  Sigh.

So, what is everybody up to?  Please, please.  I”m begging you, blog me, facebook me, twitter me.  I need to hear from you!

Happy Reading!