Yes, it’s true.  The new puppies are here, and though it was an unplanned pregnancy we are thrilled to have them.

First of all, who would not love puppies?  Or, kittens, for that matter.  With now 8 dogs in the house, 4 of them being Chihuahua’s, it is truly a blessing.

Now, when our lovely Mina, a brown apple head chi got together with Taco, the semi long haired black and white apple head, we were devastated.  First of all, the breeder that gave us Taco (upon request of a co worker who decided after a month that she couldn’t handle having the dog) that he was unable to breed.  I think her words were ‘no good for breeding,’ which the girls and I took as meaning, he was not able to become a chihuahua daddy.


It meant that because one of his testicles didn’t develop, it was a trait that would be handed down his generations, thus being a flaw and one that might lead to cancer, he wasn’t eligible for breeding.

So, by our mistake, Taco and Mina had a busy morning one day in May, and voila’ two new puppies in the world.  We feel especially blessed because they are both girls, and they are both going to be spayed, as is their mother, upon their weaning.

Not only that, but both have excited doggie parents waiting for them.  A little bit of sweetness in a very confusing, not always good world, and we are happy to do our part.

Everyone have a great week!