Hi all!

Yes, it is Saturday and finally I have time to write.  Really write.  As soon as I’m done with this post I’m heading over to my files and start revising my latest Leigh Curtis story, Branded.  It’s the final installment of Wade and Lily’s story, and boy am I gonna miss them.

What next?  Well, I am continuing with other westerns stories in their world, so not to worry.  I can’t wait to start writing about Wade’s friend Luke and Lily’s dear friend, Marie.  She has a very sizzling past, you know. Something about a riverboat gambler.

Also, I’ve got a lovely regency historical coming out soon, Lord Fortune’s Folly, that I’m finishing up as well.  Then, my long awaited alternate history paranormal, Cry Wolf still in production.  Lots and lots of stuff to do!

The best news of all?  I’m writing this on my new Mac Book Pro.  This is the machine that I’ve lusted over, dreamed about, and begged my financially sound husband like forever.  It’s taken a lot, but at long last, we’ve been able to manage it.

(Yeah, I told my kids that we’re gonna take a break from filling the fridge and that groceries are overrated.  We’ll just buy them next week.  In truth, we could live off of the can goods I have stocked away, though.  Trust me, we won’t starve, LOL.)

So, I’m off to do some writerly stuff before it’s time to do more nursely stuff.