“Pro-cras-tin-a-tion…” (sung to the tune of ‘Anticipation.’)

Yeah, that’s right.  I happen to be an expert at putting things off.  You know how it is.  You have a whole bunch of stuff on  your to do list, but you’re so overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of you that you start rationalizing about what you can put off until later.  The next thing you know, you’re vegging out in front of the television and playing endless games of solitaire.

For example, I have about twenty writing projects I would love to finish.  At this moment I have at one short story that’s the last of a series I’m getting ready to release, no less than three complete novels that are stuck somewhere in revision-land, the first book in a series that I’m dying to write, and fifteen first to fifth chapters of manuscripts that are sitting on my hard drive.

Oh, and before I can get to work on writing any of that?  I need to finish reading this terrific story by my newest critique partner. 

And what am I doing?  Writing this blog and watching reruns of CSI on TV Land.

I could have done some writing yesterday, but after working fifty hours in four days, my house was badly in need of attention.  And not fancy cleaning stuff, oh no.  Just the basics–laundry, bathroom, floors, and kitchen. Oh, and the afternoon spent grocery shopping. By the time I finished all of the stuff on my to do list before writing, I was finished.

So, how do you battle procastination?  Easy.  You have really good writing partners and friends, who, when they see your name pop up on yahoo IM, invite you to sprint with them. These days, timed writing sessiona are about the only way I get word count in.  These great gals hold me accountable and I do the same for them. 

It’s called sprinting or word wars.  There are a few groups out there, I’m sure.  I use Endurance Writers.  You cand find them at www.endurancewriters.com.  I also word war with other published authors I know.  Not only are these sessions productive but they are fun, too. 

All I can say is thank heavens, for my timed writing pals.  I wouldn’t get anything done without them. 

Have a great day everyone!